Saturday, June 4, 2016

Using PVC to build Landscape Lighting

Does anyone know how to build landscape lights out of PVC? I hate to buy $50 fixtures to hold $5 bulbs ... any advice Well it is going to cost you taime and labor for about the same amount of money. You'll need to purchase 10"-12" diameter PVC with the same size corner unit, what are you going to put over the cap end that is open to the top air? Glass, plexiglass, and you will have to locate the right type and size, along with trying to find a way to make the glass cover portion to stay on! Then you have cord problems with weather exposure issues to contend with. So, for $50 for a set of 3, you are safer and will have less headaches to purchase the lights over time. Also take note that around your deck and patio Christmas lights work wonders. You can buy them at any costume and display store in the Yellow Pages! Keep with White lights and you can do ALL kinds of things. For your driveway, use the wire fencing you see in the nursery section of any store like Target, Fred Meyer, Sears, Wal-Mart, and use white twist ties to attach the lights along the bottom but keeping the lighting off the ground. There is a home that does a lot of wedding receptions, and has banquets and parties held there, they use the white Christmas lights all year long, its beautiful, and the lights burn less electricity than the yard lights! Always keeping a sneeky smile on your face the whole time as we know Christmas lights are weather proof and cheaper than those landscape lights, and they cover a broader area and give off more light. You can also nail them to the bottom portion of your home along the foundation line always keeping them off the ground by at least one foot! Keeping in mind how high your snow level gets in the winter. Have fun and good luck! DO NOT USE PVC, IT'S A KNOWN AND PROVEN CARCINOGEN!!!!! pvc is going to look like crap, spend a few extra dollars so you have something decent looking and that will last. that's like putting a propane tank and a grill burner in your kitchen sink because you dont want to buy a new stove.